What are the odds of dying from an
Assault by a sharp object?

a.k.a: Stab wound
1 in 2,197
Lifetime odds of dying from an Assault by a sharp object in the US are 1 in 2,197.
You are more likely to die from Alcohol and less likely to die from a Fall from bed, chair or other furniture.
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Assault by a sharp object, or stab wounds, is a serious issue in the United States that often goes unnoticed. According to the latest statistics, the lifetime odds of dying from an assault by a sharp object in the US are 1 in 2,197. This means that although it is not as common as some other causes of death, such as heart disease or cancer, it is still a significant risk.

Looking at the deaths per year from an assault by a sharp object in the US, we can see that the number of deaths has been relatively consistent over the years. In 2021, there were 1,920 deaths from this cause, which translates to one-year odds of dying of 1 in 172,933. This number may seem small, but it represents a real risk to individuals and communities.

One of the most troubling aspects of assault by a sharp object is that it is often preventable. Many of these incidents occur as a result of conflicts or disputes that turn violent, and they are often fueled by factors such as anger, frustration, or substance abuse. In some cases, the use of a weapon may escalate a situation that could have been resolved without violence.

To reduce the risk of assault by a sharp object, it is important to address the underlying factors that contribute to this type of violence. This includes promoting conflict resolution and anger management skills, addressing substance abuse, and improving access to mental health services. Communities can also work together to improve safety in public spaces and reduce the availability of weapons.

In addition to prevention efforts, it is also important to provide support to those who have been affected by assault by a sharp object. This includes not only medical treatment but also emotional support and access to resources for recovery and healing.

Assault by a sharp object may not be as common as some other causes of death, but it is a serious issue that deserves attention and action. By working together to prevent violence and support those who have been affected, we can reduce the risk of this type of tragedy and create safer, more resilient communities for all.

Deaths per year from an Assault by a sharp object in the US and one-year odds of dying

Year Deaths one-year odds
2021 1,920 1 in 172,933
2020 2,085 1 in 158,215
2019 1,715 1 in 191,393
2018 1,739 1 in 187,860
2017 1,730 1 in 187,855
2016 1,792 1 in 180,212
2015 1,637 1 in 195,870
2014 1,747 1 in 182,198
2013 1,652 1 in 191,277
2012 1,784 1 in 175,913
2011 1,803 1 in 172,800
2010 1,802 1 in 171,653
2009 1,883 1 in 162,915
2008 2,053 1 in 148,119
2007 1,998 1 in 150,765
2006 2,094 1 in 142,492
2005 2,106 1 in 140,322
2004 2,100 1 in 139,433
2003 2,056 1 in 141,104